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Crafty Gabba Friends

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A gallery of clever and crafty fans of Yo Gabba Gabba!

This is pretty dang great - Spooky Toast for a pillow! Emilio shows us how it's done right here!

For Christmas 2007, since Yo Gabba Gabba toys were still unavailable, super crafty mom, SquishyCuteStuff, got very creative and sewed her own Toodee and Brobee out of fleece and felt! Too cute!

This great Amigurumi Muno doll comes with complete crocheting instructions found here on Gabbafriends!

"Yo Gabba Gabba Monsters"
These darling stuffed dolls are handmade from flannel.

"Yo Gabba Gabba Quilt"
This vibrant quilt features all five Yo Gabba Gabba characters and is made with a super soft flannel.

"DJ Lance Rock Doll"
The creator of this darling doll purchased an old "Urkel" doll from eBay, then sewed an outfit identical to DJ Lance Rock. Her baby grandson is the lucky recipient of this awesome gift!

What a very creative use of styrofoam, pipe cleaners, and felt! FUN!

DJ Lance Rock T-Shirt Pillow
This fan took an t-shirt DJ Lance Rock autographed for her and created an awesome pillow for her children!

Clay Figurines
These adorable clay figurines are for sale on!

Muno Charm
Wouldn't this handmade Muno look super cool on a necklace! We think YES!

Crochet Figurines
Do you or someone you know crochet? If so, these patterns are incredible! The resemblance is stunning!

TINY Figurines; very cool!

Brobee Lunch Pack made from recycled jeans!

Brobee Lunch Pack; click here for instructions on how to make your own!

DJ Lance Boombox

Find out how Gabbalove made this rockin' Boombox!


Jessica's full-body Muno cuddle pillow and square pillow

foofa felt dolls

Lisa tells us how she made these cute Yo Gabba Gabba felt board dolls!

foofa felt dolls

Tosha made these sweet felt dolls for her two-year old daughter!

yo gabba gabba skateboard

TaSheena tells us that her husband wanted a blank deck for his birthday and requested that she paint DJ Lance's boombox on it. And now? He is the envy of the skate park, of course!

handsewn muno doll
Cathi tells us how she made this Muno doll for her daughter Jenny!

handmade gooble doll

Da Momma's Gooble Doll

yo gabba charm necklace

Da Momma's Charm Necklace

yo gabba puppets

Cheerios Underfoot: Yo Gabba Gabba Puppets!

muno blanket and muno pajamas

Pierce's Muno Blanket and Matching Pajamas

Brobee Ornament or applique tutorial

Brobee Ornament or Applique Tutorial

yo gabba diaper covers

Toodee Diaper Covers!

Handmade Brobee Pillow

Brobee Pillow

perler beads gabba friends

Perler Bead Gabba Friends

toodee trick or treat bag

Toodee Trick or Treat Bag

Shrinky dink gabba ornaments

Shrinky Dink Gabba Ornaments

foofa felted hat

Tribute to Foofa!

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