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Yo Gabba Gabba Pinatas

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As promised, we have compiled tips and advice for making and/or purchasing Yo Gabba Gabba pinatas! Many thanks to all of the parents who have contributed to helping other parents create those special birthday memories!

Parents dish on how they made their Yo Gabba Gabba pinatas:

Parker's Brobee Pinata:

yo gabba gabba brobee pinata

mom tells us how she handmade her Brobee pinata:"The Pinata was not to hard to make. I paper mached two round balloons and two long skinny balloons. I cute the round ones in half a put them together with tape. I got tissue paper and cut them into strips and frayed it. did the same with the arms and legs ... cut holes and put it all together. It didn't take to long just really waiting for everything to dry. Then for the face I used the felt from the T shirts that I made. I'm not good at explaining things if you have any questions just ask."

Kassey's Yo Gabba Gabba Pinata:

yo gabba gabba pinata

Kassey's mom shared how this colorful pinata was created: "The pinata was made from a regular cardboard box. My sister glued color tissue paper all over the box and for a better appearance she glued colored crepe paper all around the edges of the box. I found the Gabba friends pictures on Nick Jr and printed them out...she glued them all over the pinata."

Carolina's Plex Pinata:

yo gabba gabba plex pinata

When asked how Carolina made this great Plex pinata that stores candy within the door on his body, Carolina tells us:

"I don't have any step by step instructions, I really just winged it :)

"I used one large box for the body, a smaller one for the head, two small dvd mailing boxes for the side of his head and 4 small square boxes for his feet and hands.

"I used tissue paper to wrap all the boxes except the largest one. The big box I took strips of yellow tissue, snipped one side and glue gunned it all around except for the trap door part(which I cut out ahead of time). That part I just covered in tissue.

"For the arms and legs I used this foam pipe covering I got at the hardware store and I covered it with silver duct tape. I just cut holes in the boxes and stuck the foam in. It fit pretty snuggly in the boxes so I didn't need to use any glue. I cut all of the details for the face and body out of poster board and cut a dowel and painted a wooden bead for the top of his head.

"The part of attaching his head to his body is the part I really winged, I used a lot of wire and duct tape :)

"I also cut a piece of cardboard and attached it to the inside of his body to make a ramp so that when the kids open his door all the candy would fall out.

"I hope this helps, if you have any other questions feel free to ask."

Mary Pat's Plex Pinata:

yo gabba gabba plex pinata

Mary Pat's parents made a Plex head pinata with a string attached for each child to simultaneously pull to release the candy. Mary Pat's mom says, "My husband and I teamed up to make her a PLEX pull string piñata filled with all kinds of treats that were SO YUMMY, SO YUMMY!"

Micaela's Plex Pinata:

plex pinata

Micaela's mommade this cute Plex pinata for her daughter's birthday party!: "A homemade piñata was made with pasta boxes and everyday things we had in our home. We tied strings to it so each child was able to put the lid so the candy would fall out. It was a great hit!"

Aztecmonkey's Brobee Pinata Tutorial:

yo gabba gabba brobee pinata

This great Brobee pinata was sent in by Aztecmonkey along with very detailed step-by-step instructions on how to make your own! Click to read Aztecmonkey's tutorial!

Jeanette's Plex Pinata:

plex pinata

Jeanette sent in pictures of her Yo Gabba Gabba cakes as well as pictures of a very cute Plex pinata, which she and her husband cleverly made using diaper and beer boxes! Now that's crafty!

KayaPapaya's Tri-Character Yo Gabba Gabba Pinata:

yo gabba gabba pinata

Check out how KayaPapaya made this awesome Tri-Character Yo Gabba Gabba Pinata!

Brody's Foofa Pinata:

yo gabba gabba pinata

Brody's mom tells us how she made this sweet Foofa pinata!

Eden's Plex Pinata:

plex pinata

Taro's Brobee Pinata:

brobee pinata

Skye's Yo Gabba Gabba! Pinata:

yo gabba gabba pinata

yo gabba gabba pinata

Skye's mother writes: Pinata (I bought a pull string Madagascar themed pinata at a discount grocery store for 5 bucks and covered it in wrapping paper and cut out some print outs from and designed my own gabba pinata!)

Lobsterpudding's Gooble Pinata:

gooble pinata

Gooble Pinata

Tyler's Foofa Pinata:

yo gabba gabba foofa pinata

Tyler's mom made this Foofa pinata for her birthday. Tyler's mom says, "Foofa was the inspiration for the pinata. It was a pull string one."

Brayden's Toodee Pinata:

toodee pinata

Brayden's momsays this about her Toodee pinata: "I made it out of paper mache in the shape of Toodee's face. It was real easy and messy if anyone's interested on how it was done just let me know. Here is a picture of the pinata before it was busted!"

Brayleigh's Foofa Pinata:

yo gabba foofa pinata

Brayleigh's mom got creative with a broom on chairs when they realized that there was no place to hang their pinata, something that many of us wouldn't have forgotten to check before the party!

Aimee's Foofa Pinata

yo gabba foofa pinata

Aimee's mom shared with us this easy tip to order a pinata and then customize by adding your favorite Gabba Friends to customize!

Samantha's Yo Gabba Gabba Pinatas

yo gabba pinata

Samantha's pinatas were made for decoration, not for the traditional use of a pinata!

so they used this pinata instead!:

yo gabba pinata

brobee and foofa pinata

Would you still rather purchase one than make your own?

Though we have heard of random shops occasionally selling ready-made Yo Gabba Gabba pinatas, this tip comes from a helpful anonymous commenter:

"If you take a picture or toy to model it after, most pinata shops can custom make you one."

Natalie's Brobee Pinata:

Natalie's mom found this great Brobee pinata at a shop in Mexico!:

yo gabba gabba brobee pinata

Destiny's Plex and Foofa Pinatas:

These pinatas were part of the wonderful decoration's at Destiny's birthday party!

yo gabba gabba plex and foofa pinata

Cole's Brobee Pinata:

Cole's mom tells us, "I found a place in a nearby city that makes Yo Gabba pinatas and we bought a Brobee one."

brobee pinata

Edgar's Foofa and Brobee Pinata:

Edgars Mommy Spent about a week on each pinata! check out her How-To-Tutorial on how she made these adorable pinatas, one for the girls and one for the boys!

foofa pinata
brobee pinata

Max's Yo Gabba Gabba Logo Pinata
Max's mom, Brandy, says, "Our pinata looked like the Yo Gabba Gabba emblem, made with cardboard, paper and ribbon."

plex pinata

Jocelynn's Pinata:
Was made by a family member with boxes and anything he could find! It came out great!

plex pinata

Ellie had a Brobee pinata!

Brobee Pinata

Jadon's Brobee Pinata

Brobee Pinata

Zylan's Brobee Pinata

ygg pinata

Share your Yo Gabba Gabba pinata advice with us and have it added here! Email us at